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Court decision: German parliament must give access to secret UFO-report

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Berlin / Germany - The Administrative Court of Berlin has decided that the German parliament, the "Deutsche Bundestag", has to give access to a so far secret official report compiled by the "Scientific Research Service of the German parliament" on demand of delegates on the question on the government's knowledge and studies about UFOs and extraterrestrial life. However, the parliament has already appealed against the decision.

- This article is a translation of an original German article

"The right of access to official information under the German freedom of information act (Informationsfreiheitsgesetz, IFG) also applies to studies and reports of the 'Scientific Research Service of the Bundestag', the Berlin Administrative Court explained in its decision announcement today (1 December, 2011).

Until the court hearing the Bundestag denied access to the paper by referring to the claim that the work and results of the "Scientific Research Service of the Bundestag" are part of the work of the parliament and the mandatory work of the delegates and therefore should be excluded from demands referring to the freedom of information act (...more information).
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In it's press release the Administrative Court explained further, that the judges did not agree with this claim of the parliament and therefore did not followed the complaint upheld by the Bundestag and instead ordered that it must give the claimant insight into the secret report.

The court also denied the claim that such a process would represent a violation of the intellectual property of the 'Scientific Research Service of the Bundestag' or the Bundestag itself, as claimed by the Bundestag at court. While the court confirmed that the Bundestag and its scientific service is the owner of the copyright and the right of the first publication (Erstveröffentlichungsrecht) the ordered insight for the claimant would not breach the copyright as the claimant does not want to publish or market, but simply wanted to read it."

While the court ordered the described insight into the paper, in face of the fact that the decision has a fundamental importance for the question of how to deal with reports by the scientific service, it also allowed the Bundestag to apply for appeal at the Supreme Administrative Court of Berlin-Brandenburg, a step that under German law is only granted if the law is not explicit.

Observers speculate that the persistence with which the Bundestag denied and still tries to deny the insight into the UFO-paper, or even it's publication, is not so much about the treated subject (in this case UFOs and extraterrestrial life), but in general about questions of dealing with reports and papers by the "Scientific Research Service of the German Bundestag" in the future and in the face of the freedom of information act in general.

Beside stating, that because so many other NATO members, partners and neighbouring countries - such as France, the USA, Belgium, the United Kingdom and Italy ( name only a few) - did investigate UFOs, it is "more than likely that also official German authorities and Departments dealt with this questions (about the existence of UFOs and extraterrestrial life)", the report does not reveal any secrets about UFOs and alien life, nor a secret knowledge about it by the German government.

Robert Fleischer of "Exopolitic Germany" (left) with the claimant Frank Reitemeyer. | Copyright:

As part of the worldwide Disclosure and Exopolitic-movement, "Exopolitic Germany" ( is pursuing the release of reportedly secret knowledge and information by governments, military and intelligence services. In an interview with the German online newsmagazine on the paranormal and edge-science "Grenzwissenschaft-Aktuell" (, Robert Fleischer, who is the coordinator of "Exopolitic Germany", commented on the court's decision as follows: "The decision represents a first step in the direction of a true freedom of information - also in Germany. I am optimistic that following decisions will follow the current decision. Sooner or later also the German government has to tell the truth about its knowledge about UFOs. 19 other countries have done this already. Such a step would also be important to avoid useless speculations and conspiracy theories about this question."

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